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In my opinion, Aeotec may be the best manufacturerer. They also have a very good support that responds and can answer and help work out technical issues. Most of my devices are bought second hand/used, and that has not been an issue.

Aeotec👍Very stable and well thought-out devices, great support.
Fibaro👍🏻Generally good devices, some are problematic (I have had isues with their Door sensors). No free firmware updates.
Eurotronic🤷🏻‍♂️Well made, have only used a few devices.
TKB Home👎🏻Bad quality, few features, unreliable.
Qubino🤷🏻‍♂️Good dimmers, and in-wall modules. Requires you to mail a device to them to get firmware updates

One manfacturer in particular that I have had problems with is TKB Home, and I definitely recomennd not buying or using TKB Home devices.


Aeotec ZW078 heavy duty switch

ManufacturerAEON Labs/Aeotec
NameAeotec ZW078 Heavy Duty Switch
ZWave JS Config DBAEON Labs/ZW078
User guideHeavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 user guide
Wiring diagramsHeavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 wiring diagrams
Technical specificationsHeavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 technical specifications
Z-Wave products pageHeavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 (ZW078-A) manual for Z-Wave
Waterproof ratingIP44
Max load (resistive)
Max load (inductive)
Max load (capacitive)

The power reporting on Aeotec Heavy Duty switch (ZW078) does not work the same as other Aeotec devices, if you want to get power reports while load is active.

I reached out to their support, and this is how to get it to work:

So the threshold checks will depend on your settings, the way thresholds are set are a bit odd but there are a few things that need to be set:

  • Parameter 101 must have watt set to report on it which is a double check for threshold reports

  • Parameter 111 will determine how often the switch checks for reports when thresholds are enabled

  • Parameter 90 must be enabled for thresholds to to take over (but point #1 and #2 for param 101/111 must be used)

— Aeotec support

So you essentially need to use a "dual" power reporting configuration, tied to different Z-Wave "groups".

First you need to enable sending reports when thresholds are exceeded with parameters 90, 91 and 92. These reports are always sent to Group 1 (Lifeline).

The interval defined in parameter 111 is both used as a rate-limit for the reports when the thresholds are exceeded, and for periodic reports when there are no changes.

These reports are always sent to Group 1, so in order to use a low enough value for the interval in parameter 111 without overloading your Z-Wave network, you need to simply disable automatic reports to Group 1 parameter 101.

If you want to get periodic reports when there is no load/no change, you just have to enable automatic reports to Group 2 in parameter 102 (or Group 3 in parameter 103) and set the interval in parameter 112 (or 113 for Group 3).

Then associate Group 2 with Z-Wave JS, so that it receives the periodic power reports.

With this configuration it will send frequent power reports while in use, and only periodic reports while not in use.


Fibaro Wall Plug FGWP-102

NameFibaro Wall Plug
ZWave JS Config DBFibarogroup/FGWP102
Short manualFGWPEF-102-S-v2.7_short.pdf

Fibaro Wall Plug FGWPE/F-101

NameFibaro Wall Plug
ZWave JS Config DBFibarogroup/FGWPE/F-101
Short manualFGWPx-10x-S-v1.00_short.pdf

Older model of FGWP-102, practicall speaking it is the same plug.