Home automation



This section is not fully formed yet

  • Everything that normally works without Home Assistant should continue to do so. For example light switches should remain and work as expected.
    • Using in-wall modules and keeping the previous light switches is preferable, switches with integrated dimmers and etc don't "feel right".
  • Devices that monitor energy consumption (plugs, dimmers, relays - typically Z-Wave) should not have other devices monitoring energy consumption downstream.
    • Don't daisy chain plugs that monitor energy consumption.
    • If something is connected to an energy monitoring device and also needs it own power switching, use a plug/relay/dimmer without power monitoring.
    • Summing all energy monitoring sensors should result in the actual sum of what they are measuring, without needing to subtract anything.
  • Local control for everything.
    • Cloud/internet is only acceptable for things that are online (for example iCloud, weather APIs, etc).
  • Avoid MQTT as much as possible.