battery --help

Battery CLI utility v1.1.6


  battery status
    output battery SMC status, % and time remaining

  battery logs LINES[integer, optional]
    output logs of the battery CLI and GUI
	eg: battery logs 100

  battery maintain LEVEL[1-100,stop]
    reboot-persistent battery level maintenance: turn off charging above, and on below a certain value
	it has the option of a --force-discharge flag that discharges even when plugged in (this does NOT work well with clamshell mode)
    eg: battery maintain 80
    eg: battery maintain stop

  battery charging SETTING[on/off]
    manually set the battery to (not) charge
    eg: battery charging on

  battery adapter SETTING[on/off]
    manually set the adapter to (not) charge even when plugged in
    eg: battery adapter off

  battery charge LEVEL[1-100]
    charge the battery to a certain percentage, and disable charging when that percentage is reached
    eg: battery charge 90

  battery discharge LEVEL[1-100]
    block power input from the adapter until battery falls to this level
    eg: battery discharge 90

  battery visudo
    ensure you don't need to call battery with sudo
    This is already used in the setup script, so you should't need it.

  battery update
    update the battery utility to the latest version

  battery reinstall
    reinstall the battery utility to the latest version (reruns the installation script)

  battery uninstall
    enable charging, remove the smc tool, and the battery script