Reset your password

Open and click on "Reset password?", and type in your E-mail or username.

Next click the verification link the e-mail you should have received. If you didn't get an email, you probably either entered the wrong username/e-mail.

If you need to change the e-mail address for your user or need help resetting your password, just contact Ben.

Using Element to chat on Matrix

Secure backup password

The first time that you log in, Element will ask you to set a "secure backup password". This password is quite important. I recommend using a password manager.

Element will give you the option of picking a password yourself or using the password1 that has already been randomly-generated for you. It does not matter which option you pick.

This is your end-to-end encryption key, it ensures that nobody except you (the person that knows the "secure backup password") can read your messages, not even the server operator (Ben). This also means the passsword can't be recovered if you loose it. If you do loose this password, you can still log in and chat, you just won't be able to read any previously received (encrypted) messages.

When you log in on more devices, Element gives you the option of either scanning a QR code to verify the new device, or to enter the "secure backup password".

Get Element

Use the web client

Download for desktop

Get the iOS or Android apps

Password manager

It is hard for people to remember passwords (this includes you). But it is easy for computers to remember passwords.

So use one.

Re-using the same passwords across multiple websites and services is really bad. You don't know how well (or even if) they protect their passwords. If you password and email get leaked from a compromised site, you don't want that password to work anwyhere else.

So you need to have unique passwords for each each site you use. That's a lot of passwords to remember.

Use a password manager

People are (very) bad at remembering unique passwords for each website, but computers are very good at at it.

Use a password manager, and you only need to remember one password (for the password manager).

There are many password managers available, and I will not recomennd anyoen in particular. Your browser has one built in, so does MacOS and iOS for example.


This isn't a recommendation, but I use Vaultwarden.

The official Bitwarden apps and clients as well as browser extensions work for Vaultwarden2.


I cannot access other peoples passwords. If you use, I am not able to see your passwords.

Nor do I want to.

Anyone in can use Vaultwarden if they want to.

Vaultwarden login prompt

Logging in to the web client

Use the web client

Download for desktop

Get the iOS or Android apps

System status

There is an status page that you can check if you think that something is broken/down.

System status:

Your IP

Your IP address

Need to know your IP? Go to


This is actually the encryption key itself, Element is asking if you want to set passphrase for the key, in which case the key itself is stored on the server and needs this passphrase to be unlocked.


Vaultwarden is a re-implementation of the Bitwarden server API written in Rust, so the Bitwarden clients work for Vaultwarden.