Home automation projects


Software and code

  • esph.py: wraps esphome the way I use it.
  • roomie (formerly sudoisbot): Temperature monitoring, using ZeroMQ for communication.
  • homie: Home Assistant integration, ESPHome config and tools
  • build-owntone: Automated builds of OwnTone.

Hardware projects and builds

  • Bed presence: Reliable bed presence sensors using LD2410 mmWave sensor and a force sensitive resistor (FSR).
  • Cat detector: Detecting cats waiting outside.
  • Rain detection: Detecting rain, as fast as possible. Using a combination of weather APIs and a RG-9 sensor.
  • UHER Akustomat F411: Volume control for OwnTone.
  • IKEA VINDRIKTNING: An cheap (and decent) air quality sensor from IKEA, often hacked and improved.
  • (IKEA?) VINDRUTA: Useful notification boxes, or making use of leftover VINDRIKTNING cases.
  • Z-Wave door-phone: My door phone/intercom makes a deeply horrific sound by default.