Installing Rust

I really dislike curlpipes, and installing software outside of package managers. And cargo is a really good package manager, but unfortunately theres a lack of good Rust packages in Linux distro repos. The official Rust Forge documentation (supplementary docs for Rust, a lot of interesting stuff there around how they manage the project, infrastrucutre, build channels, design desiciions and such) doesnt really mention any good packages in Linux distros or particularly recommend using the ones that do exist.

So im using the curlpipe script..

After having just updated with rustup update:

amine:~$ cargo --version
cargo 1.71.1 (7f1d04c00 2023-07-29)

There is also a rustlang PPA on Launchpad with stable and nightly builds that ive seen mentioned.

I should probably build and package Rust and friends for my builds repo some day..