Welcome to the sudo.is documentation pages.

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These pages contain mostly documentation, write-ups and technical notes. Those are split up between both my own projects as well as libraries, software, projects and languages that I use.

Most of this is written as notes for myself, and a fair amount is re-documenting other projects with my own notes and lessons-learned included.

No gurantees or responsibility is given or otherwise implied, but sincere best efforts are made. There might be inaccurate or outdated things here (let me know if you see any). Don't blame me if you brick, break or burn down something.

Linking to this site

I'm not aware of anyone linking here (there are no analytics whatsoever on these pages or anywhere on sudo.is) currently. As I'm still figuring out the general structure of these pages, the URLs sometimes do change, but I make a reasonable effort to maintain redirects to prevent URLs from going dead.

If you are going to link here, you might want to contact me (and I would honestly also want to hear from you if that's the case) and I'll make sure the URLs you want to link will not go dead.


The source for these pages are maintained in a git repo, which I would normally have open. In fact, that will be the case in the future (at some point), but for now it isn't. So if you (dear reader) spot any errors, want to correct (or contribute?) something, you'll have to contact me for now (should that happen, the at some point time frame will almost certainly change to almost immediately).


This site will never be monetized and is published under BSD 2-Clause License.